What We Offer

Bartending Services

Our company provides licensed certified bartenders. We specialize in providing a mobile bar experience that makes you feel like you are having cocktails in one of your favorite establishments. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, or something private, we have the tools to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Cocktail Classes

We have a network of experts that love to educate people on what they are drinking. A spirit or cocktail class is a great way to get together with friends or family. These classes are also perfect for companies to show appreciation to staff or clients.

Beverage Consulting

If you are looking to up the beverage game at your bar or restaurant, our team can help! One of our consultants will walk you through the steps necessary to get ahead of the competition. This service also includes help with staff training, lowering beverage costs, and menu customization.

Beverage Art

If you are looking to wow with cocktails, beverage art is the way! Our staff has the know how to create customized beverage art that is perfect for your occasion. Company logos, bridal floral patterns, or even your pets face are just some of the artwork we have come up with.